Hampshire Samba Band available for booking

Swan Samba at the Romsey Lantern Parade 2021 - we are available for booking at evens across Hampshire and the south coast.
Swan Samba at the Romsey Lantern Parade 2021

Swan Samba Band are available for booking at community carnivals, processions, music festivals, charity and sporting events across Hampshire all year round.

The sound of our drumming carries for miles and is sure to attract a crowd.

A set typically lasts 20-40 minutes, with the options to do multiple sets at larger events. Check out our promo video or other videos to get a feel for the energy the band can bring to your event.

We typically have 16-20 performers, so need a reasonably sized area to perform in. However, for smaller events we can play ‘bloco’ with just 5-6 performers.

Band performances can be either static or processing. Static performances can be either ground level or on a stage, providing the stage is large enough.

We can also offer interactive workshops so people at your event can have a try at drumming themselves.

We don’t require amplification, our drums are really loud!

Please consider neighbours and other nearby activities when planning the events timings.

For night time performances we use LED technology to light up our drums, in sync with the infectious rhythms, creating an amazing vibe.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your event.