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Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to bring music and rhythm to your school, community organisation or company? Look no further than our drumming technique and movement workshops!

Our sessions not only help with the fun and learning of drumming but also physical and mental health, communication, team work, coordination and other key life skills. All of which is led by qualified and experienced teachers with full DBS.

They’re a very popular service, receiving positive praise from clients across Hampshire and beyond!

Previous clients have included:

  • primary schools 
  • colleges 
  • INSET training 
  • B&Q UK 
  • Artswork UK
  • Good Festival (Basingstoke) 

Sammy Ades

“Really engaging introductory drumming workshop for our pupils. Lots of interactive activities and practising lots of techniques. The pupils really enjoyed it and haven’t stopped talking about it. Would recommend to all schools.”

Ian Hickman

Executive Head Teacher at Skylark Federation

“Gary delivered a fantastic session for staff at a recent INSET day.
I would definitely use them again.”

For corporate clients, our drum workshops are an excellent way to build team cohesion and morale, while also providing a fun and unique experience for employees. Our instructors can lead the workshop at your office or off-site location, and can customise the experience to fit your team-building goals and objectives.

Whether you’re a school or a company, our drum workshops are an engaging and memorable way to bring the power of rhythm and percussion to your group. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your workshop!

Here’s a bit more info about our workshops…

  • 45 mins each, max of 30 participants but an average of 20. 
  • The first taster session is led with movement, hand technique and sticks on a surface. This is a proven method of drum practise. Therefore it does not start with drumming on the instrument and would come later in a longer unit of work. 
  • Fee is dependant on size of the participating group, location and needs. This includes resources post-event and links to share.
  • Longer bookings such as half and whole days are tailored for both content and budget. 
  • Performances of skills are achievable after a taster session but are of course of a better quality with the more sessions that are booked. 

Longer-term units of work are recommended in order to help with progression, understanding and retention of skills. Those who sign up to units of learning have the opportunity to take part in the Samba School Challenge, where participants create a samba band and learn a song and routine and compete with other organisations! This is a unique, authentic opportunity for participants to take part in a Carnivale with clear, achievable goals that are memorable and fun! ‘Entries’ in the Samba School Challenge (i.e. a sequence of workshops to become a samba band) will be judged by samba experts from across the globe!

We welcome all enquiries and will attempt wherever possible to alter the layout for tailored group needs. 

Contact us today to book your Swan Samba workshop!